A multidisciplinary think tank

Without Model is a non profit which complements existing knowledge-oriented organisations. We contribute to their work and they constitutes precious sources.
To realize its actions, Without Model gathers a multidisciplinary community of researchers, professors, startup founders, SMEs managers, corporations managers, experts, … the forwarders.

Mission : foster open, collaborative and responsible business models

Without Model ambitions to contribute to change how organisations think and act to help them identify and scale business model innovation.
Without Model’s impact can be measured through:
  • successful implementation of strategies identified in our studies or workshops
  • emergence of new projects triggered by our work
  • business models experiments in SMEs or corporations
  • new HR practices in corporations

 3 activities

Business model : contribution-based

3 values structure our business model
Easy and free access to our work
our content and methods are produced with a Creative Commons CC-By-SA license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.fr
  • our events are free for our contributors and opened to everyone on a pay-as-you-want basis
  • our workshops are free for social businesses
  • No grants or sponsorship
  • No consulting or service
  • No advertising
  • contributors are volunteers and not paid for their contribution
  • we have no significant cost
  • All the money we collect is used to increase the  impact of our work and support open organisations

You want to contribute, support our actions or suggest ideas, reach out :