We developed and selected a series of tools and methods for business model innovation workshops.

You are totally free to use, distribute and modify them. We did our best to describe them sufficiently so that you can practice on your own and if you want to share questions or experience on such workshops, we would be very happy to collect them and start a discussion :

Without Model workshops

Since we started in April 2012, we organised in average 1-2 workshop / month. Here are 4 of our most successful formats of workshops
  • Open Challenge : 2-hours workshop starting with a radical prospective scenario. Objective : design a business model adapted to this radical future.
  • Business Model Crash Test : 2-hours workshop to answer a business model question for an emerging project.
  • Pimp your Business Model : 2-hours workshop for organisations that already have a significant activity and dedicated to identify new business models
  • Time Machine Experience : let’s take a pill and go to 2025, things differ pretty much and a lot happened over the last ten years. Play the role of one of the 4 characters and structure a debate.

Tools to test a business model idea

You designed a first business model idea and you feel like testing it, here are some simple and useful tools to crash test your business model :
If you have 6-8 mentors around you you can use such tools during a Business Model Crash Test workshop.

Tools to design a new business model

You want to identify a new business model for you activity or you just started a new project and want to draft a first business model, here are some ideas on how to do it
You can use such tools during a Pimp your Business Model workshop.

Experiment a business model idea

Only a contact with reality (users, technology, partners, …) gives a fair view on how relevant your business model is. Running small and lean experiments is an easy way of having that contact.