Value proposition, the corner stone of every business model

Value propositions express the benefit for the users of the product or the service.

Simple as it may seem, it is a very difficult sport to design good value propositions. One way of practicing has been popularized by Joe Justice : using a simple wording constraint.

As a, … I can … so that

Here it is, you know the secret !

To identify value propositions, you use that wording constraint:

  • as a  (user, client, company, …)
  • I can + verb
  • So that + verb

With this simple phrasing, you can track the value (so that) for given users (as a).

How to proceed

Here is how we use the trick :

  • 5 minutes of individual reflexion. One sentence per post it note
  • 30 minutes of debriefing. Everyone voices his propositions.
  • 15 minutes to analyse the propositions. You may want to regroup according users or value type.
  • 30 minutes with the BM Canvas to define the other building blocks.

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