Time Machine Experience #3 à Ouishare Fest

Le 6 mai, le Without Model Circus fait escale à Ouishare Fest pour une Time Machine Experience.


Let’s virtually move 20 years forward and imagine a fictional debate between 4 leaders that embody a specific aspect of the future of communities: mystic, entrepreneurial, local and stateless. The aim of this creative workshop is to make participants experience the diversity of communities in our near future.

Objective of the participants

Afther a short 15 mn session framing, participants are split into 4 groups according to the character they intend to support and prepare the arguments for the debate during 45 mn.

The workshop ends with a debate between the 4 characters to answer the question : should robots be invited to the Global Collaborative Government.

Context May 6th 2025

Communities rule the world : Communities coordinate through the GCG (Global Collaborative Government). The 4 permanent Members of the GCG are Mike Oualid Chong (entrepreneur), Maëva Bene (Ted X Goddess), Pierre Radis (Farmer Philosopher) and Antonio de la Broca (Prince of Belize).

Robots make the world : Artificial intelligence, machine to machine, internet of everything, …, Machines play a crucial role in production and design. They stopped working to enter the GCG

Meeting of the GCG : the agenda of the session is to decide wether to invite robots to the GCG.

The question of the debate is : Should robots be invited to Gobal Collaborative Government ?



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